Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and advanced object avoidance, Aptonomy's Drone Fleet automatically patrols your entire property, gathering and analyzing surveillance video and sensor data.


Automatic Patrol

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and advanced obstacle avoidance, Aptonomy's drones fly automatic guard tours while looking out for unusual activity on the ground.


System Integration

Aptonomy’s API integrates with your existing ground alarms, PSIM systems and VMS. Dispatch drones automatically when an intrusion is detected anywhere on your property.


Live Tracking

Track and follow moving targets autonomously across your property. Remotely engage the intruder through the onboard headlights, authority flashers and loudspeaker.


Remote Monitoring

Receive live video feeds and remotely control where the drone is recording from anywhere in the world. (operated via an encrypted internet connection). Receive instantaneous anomaly detection reports in real-time.