Aptonomy aerial asset location tracking system is an automatic drone-based solution that solves the long-standing inventory challenges of outdoor assets.

  • Aptonomy delivers a seamless integration with your existing inventory solutions, while amplifying them with real-time asset location data.

  • Each asset is scanned via routine flights for asset location verification.

  • AptoTrac is compatible with pre-existing tags that are already on the asset. (If there is no tag, our turn-key services provides a sticker for each on-site asset)

  • Receive inventory updates 3x daily and reduce inventory tracking labor costs up to 75%!

Why Visual Tracking vs. Radio-frequency identification (RFID)?

  • Visual enables centimeter precision while scanning an asset, RFID is far less accurate - often limited to 5 meter circumference.

  • Visual tags are far less expensive (10 cents) vs. RFIDs ($20+) for the same level of accuracy.