The monotonous job of patrolling is just not suitable for humans. But drones, being machines, are perfect for routine security patrols. By working seamlessly together with your on-site/remote security infrastructure, Aptonomy self-flying security drones can multiply the reach and speed of your existing solutions.




Passive fixed security cameras do not stop an intruder from entering your property. Routine drone security patrols allow you to establish an active physical presence at your property, deterring potential intruders.

better view

Drones provide a better view of a potential intruder situation, as compared to fixed security cameras (because of limited field of view) or human security guards (because of safety reasons).



LOW cost

By utilizing state of the art robotics technology, Aptonomy self-flying drones are able to provide expert security at a low cost. They also reduce losses due to false alarms by allowing for rapid verification of alarms, by giving you the capability to quickly place a camera right over the alarm location.


Our drones deter potential intruders from entering the property in the first place due to our drones’ constant presence, overpowering size, and audio and visual deterrence technology. Last but not the least, our drones enable human security guards to keep a safe distance from potentially risky encounters.