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Autonomous Drone Security


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Meet BlackHawk.

One of the most advanced autonomous
industrial-grade security drones in the world.


Powered by advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, Aptonomy’s BlackHawk Drone Fleet provides continuous situational awareness and response across your entire premises.

Aerial Security - schedule routine (and randomized) guard patrols, integrate with remote trigger sensors and dispatch in “manual mode” for closer investigation. Best of all, the drones integrate seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure and can be operated remotely.

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Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and advanced object avoidance, Aptonomy's Drone Fleet automatically patrols your entire property, gathering and analyzing surveillance video and sensor data.  

More than a robotic security guard, obtain real-time intelligence on  operational movements and receive physical infrastructure status updates via routine patrol flights.


Automatic response

Design automatic patrol routes across sensitive areas of your property on a regular or random schedule. Easily integrates motion, infrared, ultrasonic, microwave and chemical sensors to rapid dispatch the drone to the triggered area for evaluation.


Manual missions

Take the controls and investigate specific areas of your property, follow moving subjects and collect real-time surveillance as you like utilizing advanced artifical intelligence.


Live tracking

Track and follow moving targets automatically across your property. The drone will identify the exact coordinates of a subject and stream a live video feed of the intruder back to the control center. Remotely engage the target through the onboard loudspeaker. 


Video analytics

Integrate the drone’s live video stream into your native VMS. Analyze fly-by videos to increase operational efficiencies, identify hidden vulnerabilities and learn of patterned movements. Aptonomy’s powerful video analytics software catches object movements, appearance and disappearance, and alerts you to changes on the property. 


Chemical sensors

Monitor your property for leaks with chemical sensors. The drone checks chemical levels as it patrols and alerts the command center to any anomalies.


Anti-drone solution

Detect and deter adversarial drones from entering your property’s airspace. 

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The BlackHawk name pays humble homage to one of the most revered helicopters, the UH-60. Aptonomy’s fleet of drones is outfitted with cutting-edge sensors and artificial intelligence software.


Quick Stats

25–35 minutes
Average flight time
45 minutes
Battery charge time
45 mph
Max speed